Welcome to Wyvern College’s Maths Revision Website. Here you will find out about all the resources available to you to help you revise for your Year 8 exams.

What can I use to help me revise?


SATs Online Practice

Practice KS3 assessments online to see what the questions will be like and what you need to know. Speak to your teacher to find out what level of paper you will be sitting and then click on the correct link here:

Levels 3-5 paper 1 paper 2   Levels 4-6 paper 1 paper 2

Levels 5-7 paper 1 paper 2   Levels 6-8 paper 1 paper 2


Ten 4 Ten

Do 10 questions a night for the 10 nights running up to your exams to get practice with exam style questions. Speak to your teacher to find out which level they think you should aim for and click the correct link here:

Level 4 questions answers   Level 5 questions answers

Level 6 questions answers   Level 7 questions answers

Level 8 questions answers


MyMaths is a brilliant revision tool that you should be using regularly. Use the online lessons and online homeworks to revise individual topics. Use the booster packs to revise a variety of topics at a certain grade. Choose the right booster pack for you.


BBC KS3 Bitesize

BBC Bitesize KS3 Maths is a superb website specifically designed for revision. You will find short explanations and videos about topics and also test questions. Make the most of this superb website.


The Maths eBook of Notes and Examples

A complete set of notes and worked examples all in one pdf file that you can download and view on you smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Go to the contents page then click on the topics to go to the page of notes that you are after. Click here to download.


What do I need to revise?


Your teacher will be giving you quality feedback in your lessons about topics that you personally need to revise. Make sure you make a note of these in lessons so you can target your revision on the topics you need to work on. Don’t fall into the trap of revising things you can already do!

Progression Maps


Here are some progression maps that you can download. These tell you exactly what you need to be able to do to move up from one level to the next. Use these to guide your revision so you can meet and even exceed your target level:


Number and Algebra

Shape, Space and Measure

Data Handling and Probability

What will I learn in years 7 and 8?


In year 8 you will study a wide range of maths topics to give you a good foundation of knowledge and skills to take forward into your maths GCSE. We have put together the documents below so you and your parents have a guide to what topics you will be taught in each year. If you miss a lesson, or a few lessons you will be able to ask your teacher which unit you were studying and then look up the learning objectives that you need to catch up. Click the links below to download the year 8 learning objectives.

Year 8 learning objectives

Downloadable written homeworks


In year 8 you will be set both written and online homeworks. We are making your written homeworks available as a pdf download from this website so you can save them to your laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone etc. If you are unable to do this your teacher will print you a copy. The written homeworks are specially designed to jump between topics that you have been taught over the year to ensure you get regular practice of all topics you learn. Click the link below to download your written homeworks.

Year 8 written homeworks

The homeworks are pdf files. You will need Adobe Reader to view them. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed you can download it from here.